AP Planner

Use the AP Planner to manage your courses, exam and get practice exams. Login with your College Board account.

Period 1 join code: WD3Z2G

Period 2 join code: MW6PKK

To sign up for AP exams, take the yellow sheet to the student store and pay for exams. Within a few weeks your exam registrations should show up on your AP Planner account.

Student Gmail account

Use your student Gmail account to join Google Classroom and use other tools like Drive. Click here for directions.

Google Classroom

Go to Sign in using your GUSD gmail account (directions above). Use the class code for your section:

  • Period 1: w3u2hsr
  • Period 2: 3kkchsn


  1. Go to
  2. Click the Go button (lower right)
  3. Enter the magic word: TITANIC
  4. If you have an account from previous years, login. If not, create an account.


1. Register at

2. Enter the first 6 letters of your code below

3. Click on Covered Titles, select Science, then choose Campbell, Biology (Urry) 11e AP® Edition MasteringBiology

4. Accept - Pearson License Agreement

5. Access Information - Enter or create your username & password

6. Enter the appropriate access code below:




7. Account Information/Your Profile - For School Location: Select "Other", then manually enter your school information

8. Confirmation & Summary

Free Microsoft Office

Every student gets Microsoft Office 365 for free. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and one terabyte (1 TB) of OneDrive cloud storage accessible from any device. See the district flyer if you need password information.

For PC and Mac:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your GUSD email address and click Get Started
  3. Click "I'm a student"
  4. Continue with the sign-up process
    1. *See the district flyer for Microsoft password information.

For iOS and Android:

  1. Download your selected Microsoft apps from the app store
  2. Sign in using your GUSD email address and Microsoft password


Get texts with study help, fun links and odd biology trivia! To sign up click here.

Virtual Fly

Mate fruit flies online. Useful for genetics and Chi-square: Class code:

Need some help? Click here for step-by-step directions to the lab.


Free* practice multiple choice questions.