CV Biology

Thank you!!!

You made it through a challenging year and have performed as well as expected. You've shown us what it means to be a CV Falcon and represented your school with integrity. Thank you for all your efforts!


Congratulations to all seniors!! This is not the end to high school that you expected but this makes your accomplishments that much more impressive. Make sure to tell us where you're headed next year in the senior survey.

Bulletin 06-05-20 Final 2.pdf

Book Return/Locker Cleanout

Detailed book return info is on pages 4-5 of the CV Bulletin above. Short version:

  • happening Monday June 8th & Tuesday June 9th
  • students are assigned a time slot either Monday or Tuesday by last name (see page 5 of the bulletin for your specific time slot)
  • enter campus from the 2000 building parking lot

Get ready for AP Scores

AP Exam scores are scheduled to be released on July 15th at 5am Pacific Time. Are you ready?

Visit and use your College Board logon info to check that your account is ready. Make sure your email address is also up to date on your account. Good luck!!


Science requires equipment. From calculators to DNA processors; even bandages help create a hands-on learning environment. You can purchase many of these items to support your students. To do so, visit our Amazon Wishlist. Support of this nature is considered a gift in-kind and is eligible for tax deductions under charitable giving as defined by the IRS. We are very appreciative your support! And make sure to include your name in the gift note so we can say thank you.


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Big Future

The College Board has great resources for to help you plan your path. Check out Big Future, where you can search for colleges, explore careers, and find financial aid opportunities.

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