2020 Changes

AP Biology at CVHS

Daily updates will be posted on the existing AP Biology Calendar. Regular activities and assignments will also be posted to Google Classroom.

  • 1st period code: w3u2hsr
  • 2nd period code: 3kkchsn

Below is a quick summary of how class will operate.

2020 AP Biology

Changes to 2020 AP Biology Exam

This year's exam will feature a different format:

  • All AP Exams will be taken at home rather than on campus. Students will options for submitting their responses electronically.
  • Free Response only; the multiple choice sections have been eliminated from this year's tests
  • Units 1-6 included on AP Biology Exam
  • Units 7-8 are not directly included, but Evolution and Interconnectedness are themes embedded in other units, so students should be familiar with these concepts and how they apply to cells, heredity, etc.